Coaching and organization development resources for the well-being and purpose-driven life of today's professionals.

Humessence coaching programs and workshops are designed to take today’s professionals from surviving to thriving. Our coaching framework cultivates self-awareness around key growth areas throughout the life cycle of today’s professionals, while utilizing the latest developments in positive psychology to create lasting change. Real change and growth start at the individual level. Create a balanced, healthy, purpose-driven life for leaders and individual contributors at all levels, and build an effective and engaged company culture. Our top-down bottom-up approach is the key to success.

For Individuals

Burned out? Overwhelmed? Searching for meaning? If you’re craving a deeper sense of balance and fulfillment in life and work, Humessence offers highly customized coaching and support to meet your needs. From 1-on-1 coaching to deep-dive workshops and guided meditations, we offer a full suite of services to help you create a life and career by design.

For Organizations

Better people. Better work. Here at Humessence, we know that organizational success starts at the individual level. Our organizational solutions offer game-changing coaching and training for leaders, teams, and employees. Our programs get to the root of your engagement and performance concerns and equip your organization with tangible action steps to reach new levels of collective success.

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The CoolxDad Uplift Program 

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More than 18.3 million children live in a home without the physical presence of a father. 50% of that number is made up of African Americans and Latin descent. Millions more have dads who are physically present, but emotionally absent. If it were classified as a disease, fatherlessness would be an epidemic worthy of attention as a national emergency (from CoolxDad website).

We’re thrilled to partner with CoolxDad, a nonprofit organization looking to change the narrative around fathers of color in America, in designing and facilitating a custom workshop series for their community. Join us for Uplift, and check out their website.


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Please do not hesitate to reach out with any inquiries, feedback, or fresh ideas to explore. We would love to connect with you and help guide you or your organization in any way that we can.

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Take an in-depth look into the minds of our organization. You’ll find engaging stories around the experiences, motives, and research that make up the Humessence foundation used to Produce Present Professionals. Feedback and conversation are more than welcome! Enjoy reading.

Meet the Founder

John Marshall, CLC

Founder, Lead Coach

A Certified Life Coach with a highly developed business acumen. His experiences over the past 7+ years with ExxonMobil Corporation and prior experience with 3 other fortune 500 companies enable him to combine real-world experience with the knowledge of 3+ years of teaching yoga and mindfulness meditation, to provide a unique approach to life and career coaching. It’s delivered in a way that will resonate with any individual or organization. The programs and workshops are designed to connect the professionals of our busy world to self-awareness-based transformation backed by the latest developments in behavior/neuroscience research. You will learn techniques and personal practices that help you remain present as you navigate your life’s work, professionally and personally. This work has made such a difference in his life, and he wants you to experience the same freedom. Take the first step to becoming a Present Professional and the leader of your life and/or organization today.

Mindful Leadership Coach - John Marshall, Founder of Humessence