Humessence provides personal and professional development coaching, training, and consulting for individuals and organizations. We’re here to build a better world, and it starts with infusing the human essence into life and work. We help organizations diagnose and solve their people problems with a unique hands-on, human-centric approach. And we help individuals become their best selves by consciously navigating any obstacles in the way of inner peace and outer success.

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Mission & Vision

In a time when many of us are questioning priorities and seeking deeper meaning, Humessence is here to provide people-centric solutions to help individuals and organizations thrive. Our mission is to bring the human essence back into daily life and the modern workplace, so we can all be our best selves and do our best work.

Our Framework

Derived from the principles of mindfulness and backed by neuroscience, our work is rooted in a signature three-step method: Acknowledgement, Awareness, and Action. These are the keys to creating sustainable change at both the personal and organizational levels. Learn more about our methodology and how it works.

Meet Your Coach

John Marshall

Founder, Lead Coach

A Certified Life Coach with a highly developed business acumen. His experiences over the past 7+ years with ExxonMobil Corporation, and prior experience with 3 other fortune 500 companies enable him to combine real world experience with the knowledge of 3+ years of teaching yoga and mindfulness meditation, to provide a unique approach to life and career coaching. It’s delivered in a way that will resonate with any individual or organization. The programs and workshops are designed to connect the professionals of our busy world to self-awareness based transformation backed by the latest developments in behavior/neuroscience research. You will learn techniques and personal practices that help you remain present as you navigate your life’s work, professionally and personally. This work has made such a difference in his life, and he wants you to experience the same freedom. Take the first step to becoming a Present Professional and the leader of your life and/or organization today.

Mindful Leadership Coach - John Marshall, Founder of Humessence

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