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Humessence offers dynamic, engaging, and actionable workshops to accelerate the growth of your teams both individually and collectively. Workshops focus on maintaining balance to prevent burnout, strategically delivering and receiving feedback to result in more productive, compassionate conversations, team dynamics and leadership skills, and more.

Workshops can be held on-site at your office or headquarters, or virtually via Google Meet. We’ll work with you closely to tailor program content and delivery to the specific needs of your team for maximum impact. Each participant will leave feeling inspired and motivated, with clear, specific action steps to integrate daily. Choose from our selection of programs, or work with us to design your own.

From Burnout to Balance

Here at Humessence, we know balance is the key to preventing burnout. When your employees feel balanced and fulfilled in their lives, they’ll have more energy and focus at work. The result? A happier, more engaged, higher-performing workforce.

The From Burnout to Balance workshop is designed to cultivate this sense of balance in the lives of your employees, guiding them through a step-by-step process to identify how and where they’re spending their time and energy—both in and out of the office. We’ll work with each individual to paint a picture of true, sustainable work-life balance, then develop a personalized strategy to achieve it. Employees will walk away with a clear, specific plan to find better balance and deeper fulfillment in their daily lives. Leadership will learn strategies to support employees in balancing their time and energy so they can do their best work.

In this workshop, we’ll identify:

  • How time and energy is being spent, both at home and work
  • What a truly balanced life looks like for each individual
  • Where there are gaps between current and ideal states
  • How to close those gaps by more strategically allocating time and energy
  • How balance translates to the workplace and why it’s important
  • How to maximize time, energy, and efficiency in and out of the office

Is your organization is ready to implement a whole-human approach to workplace wellness and employee engagement? Let’s have a conversation about the From Burnout to Balance workshop and how it can help support your workforce.

Digesting & Delivering Feedback

This powerful workshop hones in on the art of delivering and digesting feedback, making those anxiety-inducing performance reviews, peer evaluations, and challenging conversations more productive and effective for everyone involved. Giving and receiving feedback is a necessary part of work and life, and collaboration skyrockets when we can listen fully and share with compassion and empathy.

In the Digesting & Delivering Feedback workshop, your team will learn strategies to mentally prepare for these conversations through game-changing mindset shifts. We’ll provide accessible tools to develop and maintain mindful awareness throughout feedback sessions and other tough conversations, so when these moments arise, your team will feel empowered to respond with curiosity and openness. We’ll also develop the communication skills required to provide feedback in a way that can be heard and embraced. Adopting and practicing these shifts relieves pressure to accelerate growth and development, both in and out of the workplace.

In this workshop, we’ll cover:

  • How to deliver feedback in a clear and compassionate way
  • How to receive feedback in a curious and receptive manner
  • How to navigate challenging professional conversations with greater ease
  • How to regulate emotions and keep a level head during stressful interactions
  • How to communicate more effectively in a mutually beneficial way

If your team is ready to level up in collaboration, communication, and impact, connect with us today about scheduling your Digesting & Delivering Feedback workshop.

Spend Your Energy Like Currency

This captivating seminar is about building character, fostering growth, and inspiring action. Energize your organization with stories of personal transformation, professional success, and the integral connection between the two—because when you elevate your people, you elevate your organization.

The teachings in this seminar hone in on the importance of building a strong foundation of mindful leadership and well-rounded self-development. Learn practical skills to become the best version of yourself, both in and out of work, and to spend time and energy wisely to maximize impact.

Custom Programs

We know organizations are just as unique as the people who work for them. That’s why Humessence offers highly customized workshops, seminars, and group training programs. We’ll partner closely with your leadership team to develop personalized solutions that meet the needs of your particular organization or community

We know that effective corporate culture solutions start at the individual level. Fusing elements of mindful leadership training, individual coaching, and team growth and development, Humessence will create a tailored solution to optimize your workplace. Whether you’re looking to improve engagement, boost performance, or double down on workplace wellness, we’ll help your organization become a place where people thrive and do the best work of their lives.

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